I just read Trashy Romance Novel… I loved it!

“Sweetie, I’m your best friend not a miracle worker.” At this line, I was hooked! OK, let me go back. Last month I met an author at a convention promoting her books. Personally, I’m drawn to Indies, I love supporting self published authors. I already owned one of Jacqueline E Smith’s books but picked up a second one titled Rock Band.
When I got home, however, instead of reading my new one. I found myself drawn to the other book already on my shelf Trashy Romance Novel to read again. At once, what grabbed me with this story is how relatable the relationships are. From the first interaction between the main character Delaney and her best friend Gemma I felt at home immediately. The insecurities Delaney must overcome in this story hold truth for many woman. I know friendships like this, I have a Gemma!

Can I say how refreshing it is to see a relationship between two female friends who love and respect each other. It’s a relationship without competition, cattiness, or jealousy! These women support and encourage each other, but more importantly they call each other on their bullshit when needed.

The story line… Delaney under a pen name has written a series of ‘trashy novels’ using her celebrity crush as the inspiration for the heart stopping, pantie dropping, male lead. In a twist of cosmic humor, her series has been adapted into a mini-series which has cast Delaney’s crush in the lead role! Which means for the next two months, they will be working together. No one but her best friend knows he was the inspiration of all this steamy scenes he’s about to be acting out in front of her! The potential for humiliation has me hoping, just as much as Delaney, that her secret stays just between us girls.
I was pulled into Scotland along with Delaney and Gemma and had a hard time putting the book down. I even have a little peanut butter on one of the pages from reading while making sandwiches.
While it’s called ‘Trashy Romance Novel’ it actually isn’t trashy there is sex in the book between characters but it’s never described in detail. So this romance is safe for teens, though it’s more aimed towards young adults. This is definitely not a book you would have to hide. I even took it with me to doctors appointments and actually recommended it to my doctor.
Honestly, it’s just a fun read. This is pure wish fulfillment fiction for anyone who’s ever had a celebrity crush. There’s a small bit of escapism to it that I truly enjoyed and and recommended it to anybody who showed any interest in the book while I was reading it and toting it around with me everywhere. It is defiantly a book I enjoyed and will read again.

If you want to grab yourself a copy its available on amazon and kindle just click Trashy Romance Novel!!!


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