I’m a writer and a mother of three boys. I am separated but not divorced. I am a big movie buff, who feels you can fix almost any bad day with the right movie. I worked for Blockbuster for over 7 years and miss them daily. I enjoy my jobs but not the fact I have to work multiple to make ends meet. I feel that as mothers we have the toughest job in the world, at the hardest time in our history. I feel mothers shouldn’t judge each other but embrace our differences and lift each other up. A sense of humor is essential to mothering. Be willing to laugh of your mistakes and just try to do better tomorrow.

I make mistakes… So, maybe I’m not what you expected, maybe I’m not what you wanted, maybe I’m not who you thought I was, but I’m me and I know I’m not perfect, but I’m [me]… I’m messy sometimes!!!!!!