Kimberly M La Due- Author Updates


After years of self doubt and hesitation I have finally published my first story. It was a story that would not leave me alone until I put it to paper. I am so happy to introduce you to Brooke and Oliver. This is their story and I hope that you enjoy it!


Brooke Holbeck’s life was all planned out. Prep-school, check. Ivy league college, check. Pre-approved boyfriend, check. Everything was going according to plan until her boyfriend proposed unexpectedly at her graduation party. Unwilling to give her time to feel ready she was standing alone with no job, no prospects, and few friends. Future uncertain and a job whose shelf life was quickly approaching. A chance meeting with her ex’s best friend Oliver, kindles a spark Brooke had thought was lost. As she moves further from the original plan and gaining a new confidence in herself. They find resistance from unexpected sources. But she will have to decide once and for all whose plan she should follow. Will she follow her heart wherever it leads? Even if it leads to The Best friend?